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Using WFS plugin to access a Web Feature Service.

Posted by simboss on January 31, 2006

paper describes the work carried out at NURC by Ramona Georgescu.

This document is an investigation on the state and capabilities of WFS datastore inside GeoTools which should allow a developer to fully manipulate features on an OGC compliant WFS server. An extensive evaluation of all the possibility given by the WFS protocol with respect to the GeoTools/GeoServer implementation is given with a set of examples. This work, while being a final product, will probably be subject to improvements and additions.
You may treat this document as you would treat any public domain work: it may be used, changed, copied, or redistributed, with or without permission of the authors, for free or for compensation. You may not claim exclusive ownership of this code because it is already owned by everyone. Use this document entirely at your own risk. No warranty of any kind is given.

Anyway, in case you found this document of help, you have some errata corrige, you want to extend it, etc.. feel free to contact the authors.

 Download me here Using WFS plugin to access a Web Feature Service.


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An enterprise geospatial application to support expeditionary naval warfare.

Posted by simboss on January 31, 2006

This is a paper I coauthored for the 2005 ESRI users’ conference held in San Diego, California.

It discusses some of the work me my collegues carried out at NURC on interoperable geospatial architecture for supporting on-the-field operations.

It also briefly introduce and discuss core OGC and ISO specifications for design of geospatial architectures, with references to the Geotools and GeoServer open source project I joined in late 2004.

Download me here An enterprise geospatial application to support expeditionary naval warfare.

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A blog? That is really something new! :-)

Posted by simboss on January 31, 2006

Hi all,

I m sure so many of you were constantly wondering why I was not flooding the network with my brilliant thoughts. Well, stop wondering, I finally decided to be original and start my own blog.

Seriously, I know this is not an original idea, but I think that sometimes I may have something interesting to say therefore it is a shame that I never find time to spit anything out. The network is so full of useless things that one more won’t made it worst!

By the way, this blog will be focused only on computer science related topics, I won’t talk about my own life, I won’t talk about my perversions, therefore if you are looking for that, plz, redirect yourself somewhere else.


That is it, ciao a tutti!

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