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Geo-spatial Tactical Decision Aid systems: fuzzy logic for supporting decision making

Posted by simboss on February 20, 2006

This paper has been submitted for review to the Fusion 2006 conference on Data Fusion which will be held in Florence (Italy) in July 2006.

Tactical decision aid systems support the military or civilian operation planning process providing the decisional authorities with a simplified view of the environmental conditions over a theatre of operations. Methods for multisource data fusion and support for disseminating and managing geospatial data are key factors for a successful system implementation.
   This paper describes a tactical decision aid system based on fuzzy logic reasoning for data fusion and on current Open Geospatial Consortium specifications for interoperability, data dissemination and geo-spatial services support. Results from system implementation tests during  live exercises are reported and discussed showing the flexibility and reliability of the    proposed architecture. Future directions are provided and discussed as well, including web processing services    context fuzzy reasoning and group decision making.


Download the paper here.


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