Simone Giannecchini\’s Blog

Sharing knowledge and thoughts about Geospatial Data Fusion.


Hi everybody my name is Simone Giannecchini and I am a computer engineer living and working in Italy. I work as a free-lance consultant, therefore if you feel generous and you want to hire me, go ahead and do it. Satisfied or refunded!

My main interests, besides my wonderful girlfriend Eleonora, are:

  • GIS and exploitation of Open Geospatial Consortium and ISO Techincal Commitee 211 specifications.
  • Java2D programming.
  • Java Advanced Imaging library.
  • Java performance issues.
  • Design Patterns.

I would like to say that I am a guru in all of the mentioned topics, but truth is I am not a guru in any of them, sigh!

Anyway sometimes I solve some tedious recurrent problems or I put together some thoughts which can be useful fro the community, therefore I think I will publish as much as I can on this blog.

 In case you wonder how I look, here you go:


Last but not least, since, as anybody, I use to work for a living, soon I will place here my resume in case you want to have an idea about what I did and where I come from.

 In case you would like to contact me, you can do it at




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